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After decades of modern Central Banking madness, the custodians of today’s fiat paper money may finally be reversing course. The monumental admissions by the Federal Reserve Bank and other Central Banks that they are intent on bringing inflation back down to “only” two percent may be the final blow to already collapsing economies, overvalued equity markets and unconscionably indebted governments around the world. This very subtle and temporary shift away from the past Bernanke-fantasized inflationary policies can have enormous impacts on your personal wealth. The global Central Bankers have finally painted themselves into the proverbial corner, and as the giant cloud of smoke is released, they will try to make their escape through the hidden trap door.

Modern Central Bankers have been increasing the supply of fiat paper money, i.e. creating inflation, and manipulating interest rates for a very long time. Amazingly, the eight billion people living on planet Earth remain accepting of this “fiat” paper money that is forced upon them. Even worse, we have been force-fed Quantitative Easing (QE), zero percent interest rates (ZIRP), negative interest rate policy (NIRP) and yield curve control (YCC) monetary policies that have never been implemented in the prior centuries of money and banking. And do not forget the Wall Street bailouts like the Troubled Assets Relief Program (TARP) that were similarly forced upon the U.S. taxpayers. So what has recently changed and why?

The global Central Bankers are scared like never before! They fear (rightfully so) that the citizens of the world will very soon learn about the deliberate and immoral destruction of paper money that the banksters have forced upon the rest of us. In short, it is time for the elusive banksters to run and hide, and predictably they will disseminate lots of red herrings to distract the People. To write the future history books, the Central Bankers will need a global trigger event(s) to blame for the fast approaching and inevitable depression. Enter the evil boogeyman, Vladimir Putin and his war in Ukraine along with the COVID pandemic. Both events check the boxes for global disruptions that will be blamed for the economic dislocations ahead. The Central Banker’s days of hiding are numbered and they know it! Now that they have several convenient trigger events that can initiate a global depression, they will use them to their advantage. These historic and global events create the perfect distraction while they escape through the hidden trap door in the corner. But the Central Banker’s intentional corruption and manipulation of the People’s money will not go unnoticed. The citizens of the world know what was done to their money, and the Central Bankers can no longer hide from the chronic inflation and resultant mayhem that they created.

The Central Bankers are seeking to blame others for the decades of inflation and rigged stock and bond market bubbles that they purposefully created. The predictable result of the chronic inflation and popping asset bubbles is a broad decay of human civility. History proves that when money is progressively debased, the morality of society follows the same downward trajectory as the value of the money itself. However, the banksters will continue to preach about how they helped and saved society by printing more funny money. Yet, the facts are crystal clear that they are precisely the ones who needlessly destroyed the value of paper money and facilitated today’s epic asset bubbles. Now the inevitable has arrived, and today’s overvalued stock markets will crash without more money printing and global bond prices will crash without continued “yield curve control” interventions.

If the above narrative does not yet make sense to you, consider the following quote at the top of the website.

"Who controls the food supply controls the people; who controls the energy can control whole continents; who controls money can control the world." - Henry Kissinger

The banksters control the world. Let that realization sink into your consciousness for a moment. The banksters control the world and can greatly influence every day of your existence. If I had such great monetary power, I would diligently protect it. If the People started to question the value of my fiat paper money that is being printed by the trillions, then that would be a real problem. The logical (but disturbing) outcome would be to immediately resort to deception, bribery and intimidation to deter those People. The historical and current examples of deception, bribery and intimidation by Central Bankers and their servient collaborators (politicians, Wall Street insiders, media mouthpieces, etc.) are too long to list. The Central Bankers rule the world because they control the money supply as they choose, and We the People are their pawns to be gaslighted and sacrificed. I hope the People will not stand for this gaslighting and sacrifice any longer.

Because money is the cornerstone of human cooperation and existence, we must therefore focus on this topic to restore peace and sanity in the world. Since money is of paramount importance, the focus must be directed on the global Central Bankers that control its creation and quantity. Do not be deceived, bribed or intimidated by their desperate actions. As done throughout history, there will be unlimited red herring distractions thrown upon the People. But it is too late because the People will not relent their focus on what matters most. What matters most is the Central Banker’s actions because these actions ultimately determine the fluctuating value of the fiat paper money. The fiat currencies lose significant value with every additional trillion dollars printed, trillion dollars added to the deficit, trillion dollar Quantitative Easing, or trillion dollars pumped into the rigged equity, bond or Cryptocurrency markets.

The bottom line is to focus on the Central Bankers that control the money supply.

The Central Banker speeches from Jerome Powell, Isabel Schnabel and Agustin Carstens at the Jackson Hole Economic Symposium last month are quite revealing. These must-read speeches can be found at the Jackson Hole Economic Policy Symposium website. Jamie Dimon, CEO of JPMorgan Chase & Co, provided similar warnings of a hurricane coming in June 2022. The Central Bankers are running scared and trying to blame other forces for the global economic depression that appears inevitable. Sadly, the seeds of the depression were planted by the banksters, which they fully understand but refuse to admit. The modern era of fiat paper money started in 1971 when President Richard Nixon acted on behalf of the world’s most powerful banksters and abandoned the gold standard for the US dollar. Will today’s Central Bankers magically disappear down the hidden trap door, or will they resume their Bernanke-fantasized inflationary policies with unlimited Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC)?

Let me conclude with the equitable solutions and revolutionary ideas that are inevitable to restore humanity to a better place.

  • Watch for the “Fed Pivot” back to its multi-decade trend of lowering interest rates (possibly back to 0%)

  • Watch for the global Central Bankers to do similar interest rate cuts, as there is international collusion to implement accommodative monetary policy in unison

  • Buy gold to protect against the relentless fiat paper money debasement

  • Balance your personal spending and consumption needs with your available finances (additional benefit is to help Planet Earth’s precious resources be more sustainable)

  • Evaluate your investments and asset allocation, with particular focus on your long term 401(k) exposure (retirement accounts will be a likely target for future tax increases necessary to pay down our massive deficits and the hundreds of trillions of unfunded liabilities like Social Security and Medicare)

  • Recognize that the green paper dollar is mortally wounded and avoid long term cash positions in your wealth portfolio

  • Study the Great Contraction (1929-1933), Great Depression (1929-1939), Great Inflation (1965-1982), Great Moderation (1984-2007) that included Black Monday (1987) and the dot-com bubble (2000-2002), Great Recession (2007-2009) and now the Great Volatility (2022-Present) eras and you will find that the Central Bankers manipulating the fiat paper money supply were directly responsible for triggering these turbulent times in American history

  • Watch for increasing military confrontations around the world as the “war card” is historically used by banksters to stimulate struggling economies while creating convenient distractions

  • Invest in things with limited supply and strong demand, such as oil energy, rare earth minerals, real estate or precious metals

  • Watch for alternative “wealth effect” vehicles other than US equity markets, e.g. Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin

  • Prepare for the Crack-Up Boom when the People realize that the inflation will not sustainably stop, and the current monetary system will finally be abandoned and replaced with sound money

  • Most importantly, prepare for the Green Paper Revolution (see post at

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