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I hope the answer to this question is yes. The monster that has been corrupting global society over the last several decades is the Central Bankers. Are these elite banksters unaware of the destruction that they have unleashed, or are they evil monsters that deliberately deceive, bribe and intimidate their victims? I am convinced they are the latter, but that is not the point. The point is can they change? Can monsters change their values to help and not hurt the masses?


The world will soon know the answer, and I am not optimistic. Maybe the Monster will surprise me, and scarce money, balanced budgets, free and fair markets, reasonable asset valuations, non-intervening militaries and morality will return to the United States of America. America has led the world for over two centuries and is at risk for continuing to lead. America has been corrupted by the Monsters at the Federal Reserve Bank with dire consequences. We are not too late to stop the Monsters, but time is running out very quickly now. People (even Monsters) can change their behaviors, but they need to first become accountable for their actions, and then be convinced that they want to change them. The world’s Central Bankers and their magic fiat paper printing presses are the direct cause of the rising prices, asset price bubbles, war financing and gradual elimination of productive free market societies. Their classic strategies of “Divide and Conquer” or implementing “Red Herrings” have been used ad nauseam and must end.


Following “Helicopter” Ben Bernanke’s permanent inflation playbook, the Federal Reserve Bank has corrupted nearly all of the global Central Banks. These banksters have been successfully colluding to debase the world’s fiat paper currencies and create destructive inflation around the world. As Henry Kissinger stated, "Who controls the food supply controls the people; who controls the energy can control whole continents; who controls money can control the world.” The flawed and immoral politicians, e.g. United States CONgress, Wall Street investment firms, Main Street media and educational institutions have been voluntarily aiding and abetting the Monster’s evil crime of currency debasement. This debasement and increase in the supply of fiat money is precisely what is destroying the good in society today. To understand how the Monster is harming their victims, see


This writing is a warning for the Central Banker Monsters. You can change and immediately and sustainably stop your chronic inflation. You must realize that your mentor Ben Bernanke has failed you and that changing to honest and scarce money is the right path forward. A value based system built upon permanent currency debasement, i.e. inflation, is harmful and unsustainable and must end immediately. The illegitimately funded wars must end immediately. The unsustainable asset bubbles must end immediately. The never-ending price increases of goods and services must end immediately. The extreme government budget deficits must end immediately. The list of destruction that the Monster has unleashed on global society is much longer than the ones I have already mentioned.

The predictable REACTION is coming. America should lead the world in this response. We must choose the difficult path of self-sacrifice and do what is morally and logically right. The time is right now! Every day of delay is to the Monster’s advantage. Conforming to the status quo of money printing that enslaves us all is no longer acceptable. The world needs intellectual and courageous reactionaries to lead us forward. We the People will be the positive spark. We the People have faith that good will triumph over evil. We the People will bring fiat money into the light for all to see. The Central Banker Monsters do not want this light cast upon their actions. They live in the darkness like all monsters.

So, beware Monster and please stop your lying, counterfeiting, stealing, killing and sinister deception. You can change! You must change. The REACTION from the American People can be avoided. But your time to voluntarily change is running out. You can be better than the Creature from Jekyll Island (Griffin 1994).


I truly fear the path that the Monsters have taken the world. I fear that the Monsters cannot change in time. I fear an immoral and tragic REACTION that could have been avoided. Let us all hope that the Monster does change her chronic currency debasement, market interventions and sustainment of war. As Friedrich Nietzsche warned, I fear that far too many human beings will become monsters themselves. The early signs of this fear can be seen around the world today as global citizens are losing their moral compass.


“Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you.” 

― Friedrich Nietzsche

Ultimately, the People will decide which of the following scenarios is implemented. The temptation to do evil during the Revolution must be avoided.


1)  The Central Banker Monsters do change and voluntarily restore scarce and free market money for the People (<1% probability).


2)  The People stop using the fragile fiat green paper dollars and replace it with a gold/silver backed money (<10% probability).


3)  The People continue saving the mortally wounded fiat green paper dollars until the currency’s value reaches zero (<20% probability).


4)  The People accelerate the Revolution to remove the Central Bankers from power and restore scarce and free market money to global society (70% probability).

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