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How much longer can we remain victims of the world’s elite banksters that control the money supply?

What can you do when your “leaders” have chronically failed you?

You need to create your own future by establishing the right positive outcomes. Then get similar minds together and enact a plan.

Over the last several decades of my adult life, my trust in my country’s leaders went from complete loyalty to disgust and disappointment. The Federal Reserve Bank has ensured the destruction of the US green paper dollar. The CONgress has ensured that we will not pay back our tens of trillions of accumulated debt with honest money and sacrifice. By some measures, our debts are in the hundreds of trillions when considering future liabilities like Medicare and Social Security. The Department of Defense and its neocons have ensured that our past invasions, occupations and assassinations will result in increasing enemy retaliation.

So what to do? What are the positive outcomes that all Americans should wish to achieve? My recommended preferences are as follows.

  1. Restore sound money and reduce our destructive debt burden. Live within our means and balance our budget. Deliberate policies of zero percent interest rates (ZIRP), negative interest rates (NIRP) and quantitative easing (QE) that have never been experienced in the history of money must be terminated.

  2. Restore our morality and leadership on the world stage. Protect our borders and those of our allies. Deliberate policies of aggression must be terminated.

  3. Have fun! Live life. Be resilient. Be resourceful. Be caring. Be free and independent. Deliberate policies of authoritarianism and socialism must be terminated.

To achieve these outcomes will require bold and immediate actions. We must hold the Federal Reserve Bank and CONgress 100% accountable for sound money and balanced budgets. I have very little confidence that our central bankers can change their stripes. There is really only one option for you to mitigate the currency destruction that will continue in the coming years. Your salvation is to buy gold that will preserve your wealth and provide true savings of your hard earned income.

Despite the recent propaganda from the Fed about its intentions to achieve a neutral interest rate, no one believes them anymore (see previous post The likelihood of a sustainable rise in interest rates is extremely unlikely which the world will soon begin to realize. I have no doubt that the fragile fiat green paper dollar is now mortally wounded and will collapse in the coming years or decades. The elite banksters and their financial servants will continue to manipulate the price of gold downward 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days of the year, but their efforts will prove futile in the end. Gold will surely resume its throne as the world’s only trusted money as it has done for centuries past. Got gold?

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