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Very brief message tonight as the riots rage on. My message is one of solidarity. We are the UNITED States of America and we need to be united to be strong! The men and women of the law enforcement and military community are doing what they are paid to do and uphold the peace. We thank them for their patriotic and at times dangerous service. The GPR stands behind every one of you in the streets together…..the UNITED people of our great nation.

On a slightly different theme than the RIP Memorial for George Floyd and racial injustice, I am convinced that there would less rioting and fighting within our great country if there was less debt and money printing by the government. The massive unpayable debts and funny money printing are subtly decaying the morals and fabric of society, which has been a well documented outcome throughout history’s countless inflationary episodes. Very few people understand this growing and terminal cancer, and eventually there will be riots much larger than this past week once the American People finally understand the main cause of their frustration and angst. Do not be deceived, bribed or intimidated any longer.

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